Dear Alex,

We recently purchased some luxury vinyl plank flooring, but we can’t find anyone to install it for us: don’t local contractors and flooring stores want business and to make money? Why won’t anyone install this LVP for us? 

  -Install Impasse

Dear Install Impasse, I totally get it. You went to someplace that would sell some LVP to you directly and save you some cash but now you’re stuck because you can’t install it yourself and no one else will either. I agree, that stinks. However, as a small business owner we have our reasons… hear me out on this one for a minute.

Even though a business (e.g. our store) didn’t sell you the material (some Luxury Vinyl Plank in this case), that business still on the hook to warranty the installation and fix any issues that might arise- and if there are issues, it’s more often related to product quality rather than the quality of the labor. No business will risk being on the hook for fixing problems with cheap products, especially if they didn’t sell them in the first place. Would you want to be on the hook for fixing something that was someone else’s fault? Probably not! And that’s why you’re unfortunately struggling to get your product installed.

Finding a cost effective product doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or go to a bargain basement. Stores like ours can help you find something you love that’s both quality but in your budget.  We offer free, no commitment estimates so give us a call and hopefully you can return that other stuff! 

-Alex @ Abbey Floors of Rancho Cordova 

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